Barrier films are plastic packaging films which restrict the passage of gas, and/or vapour, and/or aroma.

These films, when obtained with blow extrusion, are usually multi layer, with one layer of barrier material (Evoh or polyamide) and two external layers, which can have different functions.

  • the first one is to facilitate the sealing or the lamination. The choice of the material will depend of how the film will be used. Lamination suppose to consider the type of lamination (glue, heat lamination, calendaring, IML, lining, thermoforming, wrapping), and mainly to consider the material of the film with which the barrier film will be laminate ( for example : paper or plastic film, polyethylene or PET).
    For sealing, PE is generally the most appropriate material.
    The external layers are mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene.

We offer a wide range of barrier films from mono to multilayers, from 1 to 7 layers, blown extruded and cast extruded.

The producer is certified ISO 22000 and BRC IoP.

  • But even mono layer films can have some barrier qualities which will reinforce or complete the role of the main barrier material. The choice of the external layer will be made regarding the requirements or the need of the customer.

One mono layer film have barrier properties which are close to multi layer films. It is polyamide or nylon.

Polypropylene has a medium gas permeability and High density polyethylene (HDPE) offers an excellent moisture protection.


Multilayer extruder for barrier film
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